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Home Cinema Video

It's all in the picture

The key component of any home cinema is the picture. And the three main picture categories are plasma display, LCD display and video projection. No system is technically better than the other, each type of home cinema display has characteristics that are better suited to certain applications.

At Norlec we have the knowledge and practical experience to advise on the right product to suit your home cinema project

The big picture solution

Video projectors are certainly the biggest picture solution. Over the past two or three years video projection technologies have advanced to a point where any of the negative issues regarding video projection have totally disappeared. Issues such as poor performance in ambient light, fan noise, and expensive and cumbersome lamp replacements are things of the past.

High definition

Full high definition video projectors produce absolutely stunning images. The flexibility available now through varying projection screen types makes installing a video projector and screen a possibility in almost any viewing environment.

At Norlec our experience in the design, supply and installation of all types of big picture solutions in domestic, commercial and corporate environments means we really do have the know-how to make your home cinema project a total success.