Norlec Hi-Fi

Home Theater, Home Automation, Home Security Specialists

The right choices make the difference

The right combination of components is critical to the design, functionality and overall sound performance of any hi-fi audio, home cinema, or multi-room audio application. At Norlec over the past 40 years we have built up a huge knowledge of what works well with what, and how different components interact to produce the results required.

Keeping up with technology

We are very proud of our product knowledge and ongoing in-store training programme that ensures all our sales, installation and integration staff are up to date and proficient with today’s technology and what is coming. Very importantly to us we also have an excellent relationship with highly specialised manufacturers, importers and distributors of niche and boutique products. These relationships now give us access to a vast array of products that give us an edge over many of our competitors. We have built up relationships that allow us to access whatever we need, whenever we need it, to ensure your project has the right equipment installed to ensure its operation is correct.